Laptop Repairs
We can fix your laptop, pretty much whatever the issue! Be it overheating, power plug/power adapter repairs, screen replacements, and full motherboard replacements.

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PC Computer Repairs
PC’s can go wrong at anytime. If you’re in Nottingham South Notts Computers offer a fast, quality and reliable service, to enable you to get your computer back online as quickly as possible.

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Mac Repairs
Everybody loves Apple these days and we spend alot of money on them, South Notts computers in Nottingham offer a full Mac Repair service. We have experience working with Macs as users so we know how they are built.

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Virus Removal
If your computer has been infected by a virus we can remove it and clean up your PC.virus-removal We can remove most Trojans, Rootkits and other types of malware/spyware for only £30.00!

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