PC Computer Repairs

PC’s can go wrong at anytime. If you’re in Nottingham South Notts Computers offer a fast, quality and reliable service, to enable you to get your computer back online as quickly as possible. Including fixes for the following symptoms or problems:

  • PC not switching on
  • PC switching on but nothing on display
  • No Internet connection
  • Windows Freezing
  • Computer overheating
  • Noisy Hard drive
  • Hard drive failure
  • Data Recovery
  • Running painfully slow.

We guarantee to be cheaper than PC World when it comes to our PC repairs, and you know with our 15 years experience in the field, you’ll be getting expert help as well. We pride ourselves on being the best rated PC shop in Nottingham by our customers.

More RAM, bigger hard drive, better graphics card. We can fix power supply issues, damaged cases and much more. Pretty much anything!