Remote PC Support

Here at South Notts Computers we offer a Remote Access Support service to get your PC or Laptop back up and running as quickly and cost effectivley as possible!

The advantages of Remote PC Support

  • Fast
    • Fix your computer issues quickly and effectively with most issues rectified in a single session by one of our trained technician
  • Cost Effective
    • Due to the fact that a technician doesn't have to be present on site, the costs associated with the work are minimised as you are only paying for the time you use
  • Cross-Platform
    • We can access most devices remotely, providing there is a working internet connection and the device runs an english-based operating system, so there are very few limitations to what we can access

What can Remote PC Support deal with?

  • System maintenance, yearly clean-ups ect.
  • Email problems 
  • Virus and malware clean-ups
  • Installing and updating software
  • Downloading and installing system updates
  • Peripheral Issues (Webcam, printer, ect.)
  • Tuition and general PC advice


If you are interested in our Remote Access Support service then please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.